Case Studies

A well known manufacturer supplied several different lines from different factories from around the world to an even better known retailer. Generally the working relationships had been very good but the manufacturer realised that the relationship, worth many millions of pounds per annum, was deteriorating fast.

They were not sure why but felt they were in danger of losing the business. They asked for our help and we did so by treating each of the lines to that retailer as sales to different customers and applied one of our services.

We identified that all of the business was actually going well except that more recently they had taken on a particular specialist line for the retailer that they did not usually provide to any of their customers. They did it as a “favour”. However, they were just not geared to that work and could not meet either what were very tight deadlines or the guaranteed quality required.

That was costing the retailer business and reputation and in turn that was spoiling relationship as a whole between the two companies. The two companies sat down with our report and agreed they got on really well but had made a mistake with the line taken on as a “favour” which they then agreed should be given to a specialist supplier.

They continued to work in harmony doing many millions of pounds of business together.

One of three very major high tech engineering companies in the UK wanted to generally improve its already well run business. They were particularly interested in improving their operational effectiveness and increasing their sales.

Our report showed that several of their customers rated them the highest of the main suppliers but bought from their competition as well as from them. The reason being they felt the other companies spent more on R&D and in case of any significant advances felt they should do at least some business with these other companies.

The CEO was very unhappy since they spent by far the most on R&D – but were not telling their customers. Several improvements were made to their manufacturing operations but a big item was the advent of a regular news letter to customers which initially had a great deal in letting customers know what their R&D was achieving for the benefit of their customers.

A few months later the sales force approached those customers that were using other suppliers and were able to offer very attractive prices for the additional work if it was switched to them. Several customers did so and sales and profits therefore grew from more efficient operations and from increased sales.

The service we used included competitor profiling & comparison whilst dealing with our clients customers.

Working for the Tax Department of one of the largest worldwide accountants we ensured they retained the audit and taxation services for a global manufacturer.

Why? Simply because they were about to move to another major firm of accountants because they felt our clients did not listen to their needs. Then we are in touch identifying how services might be improved and what, if any, additional services might be provided.

Apart from improving internal operations and staff retention, the keeping of that audit, if only for the one year, meant the return on their spend on our service was just phenomenal with both an immediate payback and an ongoing one too.

A well known voluntary sector charity was experiencing internal problems which were impacting on services. However, they were not sure what the reasons were and given they had a significant number of unpaid voluntary workers as well as their employed staff they wanted to be sure the real problems were identified in a non-disruptive manner so they could be addressed.

We identified that their problems all stemmed from the lack of mutual respect between the paid and the unpaid staff and that it had been deteriorating to the point of spoiling the organisations services.

The way we work which involves the staff brought matters into the open and people together – people who then, understood the others point of view better and, via mixed project teams, set about putting matters right.

The organisation shortly after gained the Investors in People Award.

A large garage group used our services in respect of its service repair shops. We were able to accurately measure the essential capabilities and customer satisfaction rates etc for the services provided at each location differentiating between private and corporate customers.

Three garages did particularly well. We then had the company look at the financial results for those three. Generally they were all good but one of them stood out. The methods and practices etc at that particular site was used as best practice and introduced via systems and training into the whole of the group.

That led to improved profits, better customer satisfaction and a better workforce earning better bonuses.