Specialist Uses

  • New Chairmen, MDs & CEOs taking up their positions where they are new to the organisation concerned can use our services to establish exactly what are the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

    The service will report on operational effectiveness, service delivery, customer satisfaction ratings and real HR & Training needs. Our service will cut out any middle management filtering and will include the “reasons why” and the “what might be done” – and those not being our opinion but the Solutions Revealed from the staff and customers.

  • Our services can be used to great advantage prior to a take over or merger since our work will identify the two companies’ positions as regards strategic challenges, essential capabilities and attitudes. It involves customers and staff and can include suppliers/partners. By comparison it will inform before the event where problems are likely to arise so they can be anticipated and action planned in – reducing costs and disruption and enabling a smoother transition in what can always be difficult and uncertain times for all concerned.

  • A company can use our service to be able to include good hard 360° independent information in its proposals/prospectus to help gain investment support or other funding.

  • Investors, private or institutions, can get the best independent 360° informed view of a company prior to investment to be sure what management is presenting is correct at least as far as the present time is concerned, which is the foundation upon which the future will be built.